our mission
Handong E&C will show international excellence to become the world's
leading construction company by creating value, not only in Vietnam,
but also in South East Asia, and the rest of the world by

advancing the "right way" and providing the "right solution."

Our Philosophy
Our international team is constantly researching ways to harmonize and optimize
advanced construction technology with local conditions.

We maximize the quality while minimizing the costs.



Core value

01. We put the ultimate success of our clients first

02. We deal with the highest level of trust, respect, and integrity

03. We are committed to quality and continuous development

04. We are empowered by sharing, communicating and collaborating

05. We are leaders and team mates

06. We are global in thinking, yet local in our approach

07. We embrace change and are passionate in our initiatives

08. We strive to provide the most challenging, stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding environment