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Cultural Festival of Hung King’s Anniversary held in An Phu Sinh
2017-02-14 03:00 AM

Cultural Festival of Hung King’s Anniversary was held on April 19th-21st at An Phu Sinh new urban town in Quang Ngai province. With holding an event to celebrate the Hung King, project management team presented 1st phase of An Phu Sinh new urban township project to people. An Phu Sinh is a new township that began in 2012 with visions of providing a better life and better environment to the people of Quang Ngai.

Sample housing unit and completed part of townhouse community with the total area of 8ha was opened to the public. An Phu Sinh project team has been finished construction work of infrastructure such as roads, landscape works and  71 townhouse units without interior finishing and until now.  

Mr. Lawrence, singapolian investor of An Phu Sinh project, represented the future image of An Phu Sinh in the festival opening ceremony. He said, “When township is completed, the people of Quang Ngai can enjoy the benefits of modern and convenient facilities and services such as cinemas, schools, bus station, shopping centers, parks, playground and commercial offices. All this will be located near their houses.”  

In the speech of the opening event, Mr. Cao Van Chu, vice president of department of culture, sports and tourism and Mr. Nguyen Tang Binh, chairman of Quang Ngai city people’s committee expressed their thankfulness to project teams for their respect for vietnamese culture and customs and presented expectations toward An Phu Sinh urban development project.  

Hình 1: Lối vào của Lễ hội tại Khu đô thị mới An Phú Sinh
                                                          Hình 2: Dãy nhà phố hoàn thiện và cơ sở hạ tầng ở An Phú Sinh            Hình 3: Lối vào khu nhà mẫu
Hình 5: Nội thất của ngôi nhà mẫu
Hình 6: Bài phát biểu của Ông Lawrance tại buổi lễ khai mạc
Hình 7: Mọi người tập trung ở Lễ hội tại khu đô thị An Phú Sinh vào buổi tối