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Promoting the work progess of infrastructure An Phu Sinh new urban town, Quang Ngai Province
2016-11-02 09:35 AM

 At the end of the year 2012, Quang Ngai City People’s Committee associates were positive with the investors to solve the problem in order to promote the work progress of projects in the area, including An Phu Sinh Urban Town, invested by Thien But Properties Company Limited and Thien An Holding Joint Stock Company. This is one of the good records for not only investors but also the work units to take the project to be finished soon.
With a total area of 50.68 ha, planned by investors who are highly experienced in typical projects in advanced countries such as France, Korea, Brunei, and Malaysia, An Phu Sinh is constructed as a leading urban area model in Central Vietnam. At An Phu Sinh, people can enjoy the benefits of modern and convenient facilities and services such as schools, shopping centers, commercial offices, entertainment areas and food gardens. This meets the best demands for living and working of a civilized community.
Now the investor has finished all of the legal procedure and financial liability for people and local administration in site clearing work of more than 80% land area in the first phase of project. Handong E&C undertakes the construction work of technical infrastructure and social infrastructure before beginning other construction projects in the area according to the investment phase. Handong is the main management for the whole project, exactly abiding to the construction plan. Handong E&C also promotes the construction progress of the raw townhouse 1,2,3,4 with 73 house units being designed simply and conveniently. Expectations are, by the beginning of the year 2013, the building will be finished. The internal traffic system, the park and lake, the other services and facilities such as the shopping center, food garden, and walking street are being invested simultaneously in the first development phase and will satisfy the people’s demand for a modern and convenient lifestyle. 

san lap mat bang 2

Snapshot of construction site

san lap mat bang

Leveling Process

thi cong ha tang 1

Installing column form

khu do thi an phu sinh

 Perspective of An Phu Sinh Master Plan

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