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2017-01-03 09:32 AM

Being in a perfect location, the Summit project is invested by Meridian (Singapore), and is considered a beautiful place where the mountain, sky and sea meet. Located near Thuan Phuoc Bridge, far away from the city center (3 kilometers), and far from My Khe Beach 600 meters. The Summit is located on a wonderful road on the beach where people have enjoyed going seaward in My Khe and Thanh Binh. The project is built on an area of 3.747 square meters, including 22 floors and 356 apartments with the investment cost of 19 million USD. From the apartments, one can breathe the fresh sea air, see the beautiful beach and gaze at the vast mountains. With mountains at the back and the ocean in front, it is difficult to find another perfect location like the Summit Project.

the summit


The above advantages haven’t completely persuaded customers, so another important factor is a train of creative solutions involving many advantages, advised by Handong E&C Company (Korea), having diverse experiences in construction and providing the total solutions. The Summit project has found a right path in the quiet season of Viet Nam’s real estate business. Mr. Park Jin Ho, the Project Director of The Summit said, “In order to ensure that the progress is according to the original plan, Handong E&C Company has tried to concentrate on the labors for providing solutions. By our evaluation, this solution chain is the best, suitable with all of factors, helping to decrease the cost, looking for the real customers, but not changing any criterion of quality, progress and product cost.”

According to the market survey of Handong E&C Company, the housing demand of Da Nang inhabitant is rather big, and even many families in another provinces want to own an apartment in the beautiful sea city of Viet Nam for relaxation. However, the high cost of apartments will not satisfy the maximum of the people’s demands. So Handong provided a solution: to change the apartment size from 85 – 145 square meters to 50 – 90 square meters, then give other advantages in design, such as creating an open space. Apartments are also windward with a balcony to see the ocean and mountain. With the low price to buy and the quality uncompromised, the project immediately makes a good impression to investors and people in the housing demand. The project’s decorations and facilities are very wonderful as the lobby is decorated very luxuriously and warmly. Spaces are decorated carefully, comfortably and elegantly…different from almost all other apartments nowadays. There is no facility and no community space in the lobby, and the hanging garden is located in 22nd floor – the highest floor of building. The swimming pool and gym room, located in this floor with the hanging garden, makes a wonderful feel with the blue sky, the Son Tra beach in front and the vast mountains at the back. It’s really difficult to describe the mixing of beauty of time and space in this place.

In order to ensure the quality of interior decorations of the project, the investor has also decided to change the plan according to the consultant unit, and that is to sign a contract with an ancillary supplier. This detail helps to reduce the cost and not exchanging materials, and keeps the right commitment with customers. The apartment price of an area of 50 square meters, costing approximately one billion VND, is suitable for many people’s abilities, especially the families with 1or 2 children. Also, owners have been assured of quality in their apartments as well as a flexible payment schedule. Supporting buyers with the best and being on time according to the beginning plan helps the Summit project become the “big bang”: the special project in the real estate market.

News: Handong.