Environmental Management
  • System
  • Detail Plan


Enforcement and Operation
  • Project Organization Arrangement, Function Education and Training
  • Environmental Management Communication
  • General Documentation
  • Transfer and Retention of Documents
  • Site Practice for Environmental Management Handling, Storing, and Operation of Environmental Hazardous Materials
  • Emergency Plan
The plan of controlling scattering dust
1. Storage
  • Use protection cover on the storage
  • Use over 1.8m protection wall at Construction site, Landscape site, Demolition site.
  • The percentage of water content keeps 7~10%. Install the watering system.
2. load and unload
  • To control the scattering dust, install the watering system
    (Over watering radius 5m, over water pressure 3kg/cm2)
3. transportation
  • Install the protection cover on the storage
  • Storage loads under 5 cm from top of the cargo box
  • Avoid to scatter the dust
4. watering work
  • To avoid to scatter the dust from construction transportation, install the watering system to keep the percentage of water is over 6 %.
The disposal of waste oil of demolition equipment
1. The exchange and repair plan from maintenance store
2. The controlling if waste oil in construction site
3. Store at the waste oil tank
The controlling of noise civil complaint
1. Noise measurement
  • Measure the noise within 100m from workplace, during the cutting of structure,
  • Demolition of structure and movement of structure.
2. The standard of noise and vibration
  • Morning and evening : 50/60 dB
  • Daytime : 55/65 dB
  • Night time : 45/44 dB
3. The controlling in construction site
  • Low noise method
  • Preliminary discussion with residents