Quality Management
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It is the policy of Handong E&C that the quality control system shall be applied by all project personnel to the operations, consistent with their scope of work, that bear upon the quality of the product and services provided by Handong E&C. The quality management system, which is documented in the project Quality Control Plan and associated system procedures, method statements and work procedures, complies with requirements of contract documents, and with ISO 9001:2008.

01 Execute all work to the highest quality standard

To execute all work to the highest quality standard, in order to provide the employer with an end-product conforming to or surpassing all the requirements of the contract.

02 Complete work in a timely manner

To eliminate any delay and to complete work in a timely manner based on the construction schedule.

03 Minimize any environmental impact

Execute all work with full regard of the environment and minimize any environmental impact on the project and its surrounding area.

04 Execute tasks safely

Execute tasks with zero fatal accidents, and with due regard to the safety and welfare of the workforce.

Structure of Quality Management

The Quality Control System for this project is documented through Project Quality Control Plan and various QC documents such as Inspection & Test Plans, Method Statements / Procedures and Check Sheets.

Any recurring deficiencies identified shall be dealt with as described in:

  • list_doc.pngNon-Conformance/Corrective Action Control
  • list_doc.pngDocumentation, Method Statements and Procedures
  • list_doc.pngThe Contract Documents, including specifications, drawings identify the specified requirements for the all areas of the project.
  • list_doc.pngA method statement describes in detail, how specific types of work are to be performed and will include drawings, sketches, safety precautions, type of material and / or equipment to be used, sequence of activities, etc.
  • list_doc.pngProcedures identify the checks, tests and inspections necessary to ensure that work being performed is carried out in accordance with the specified requirements and / or approved method statements, using specified materials.
  • list_doc.pngProcedures will also identify the required evidence of conformance with specified requirements. This may be a verified inspection report or test certificate